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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Spring horse worming

It might not feel it but Spring is officially here Monday. Spring a traditional time for treating with what? lots of confusing advice out there about what to worm your horse with and when but there are so many factors involved why not contact us at"where getting it right matters"

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Looking forward to going to the British Equestrian Trade Assocaition(BETA) conference this weekend

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


This March marks the tenth anniversary of the release of our own brand supplement, Suplijoint which we have developed over the years to ease the movements of horse's joints and provide a healthy, shiny coat. Don't forget supplements when caring for you horse.

What is an SQP?

At we have two qualified Animal Health Advisers known as SQP's. An SQP is known by the legally defined term "Suitably Qualified Person". An SQP must pass a set of exams to demonstrate animal health knowledge and an understanding of the legal system, and then register with AMTRA. SQPs are allowed to prescribe and/or supply certain medicines for farm animals,horse and pets.

Ask Questions

Just got the new blog up. Looks okay? Worming is a difficult topic to get right but is vital for the health of your horse or pet. That's why specific, professional advice is key. I've enabled anyone to comment on this blog, member of blogspot or not so feel free to ask any worming related questions and a member of our SQP team will get back to you.