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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Different chemicals work in different ways within the body of the dosed horse so extra thought needs to be given to such circumstances of age, general health condition, administration to mares, foals and stallions and also pasture management. There are many ways in which pasture management such as poo picking and field use can help in reducing the use of chemical wormers and so why not tell the experts about your particular circumstances and let them tailor a plan specifically for you.A critical time for parasite control for youngstock are the early months so take special care when treating foals ensure you select an ingredient that is suitable for use on foals and use that at the correct times.A common mistake when treating horses is under dosing so ascertain the weight of your horse as accurately as you can either by using a weight tape or even better a weigh bridge. Correct dosing is important, too little and the product will not work efficiently, to much could lead to resistance. There are brands on the market that now that treat up to 700kg in a single syringe which gives that little bit extra to play with when estimating the weight of your horses and remember we all lie about our weight so if in doubt err on the generous side.